Above you can see the wonderful venue for our spring show...The Knauer Performaning Arts Center in the heart of West Chester.  It's an amazing theatre to sing in.  Truly an experience that you won't soon forget.  You'll get a front row seat to the show, and be invited up on stage for the last number to "Sing with the Champs".

Our show is entitled Let Freedom Sing! is a joyful tribute to the USO's critical role in entertaining America's service men and women.   It will culminate in our four-part, A Cappella rendition of "With A Song In My Heart", the gorgeous Rogers and Hart song identified with singer and actress Jane Froman, one of the USO's most courageous troupers.  Sound good?  Let us know you're coming by clicking below...


Monday May 6th at 7:15pm.

Sing with the Mainliners on their upcoming Spring Show June 9th!

Have you ever considered singing with the Mainliners?  Well...here's your chance!

We're starting a special "Sing with the Champs" program starting Monday May 6th.  Come to our rehearsals each Monday night in May, and learn the finale to our spring show.  Yes, not too hard.  Just one song.  The song is entitled, With A Song in My Heart.  CLICK HERE to hear the song.

We'll provide the music and learning tracks and give you some coaching each Monday night at 7:15pm at St. Paul's Church in Exton (Rt30 at US202).  We'll do an vocal placement and buddy you up with someone to "sing in your ear" :-)

We're learning the song at the same time that you are...so we're all in this together.